Term Definition
application A computer vision application built on edgeIQ together with the associated configuration files
deployment host A SOC or other embedded system on which an alwaysAI application will run along with its operating system (Linux or other+docker), software, and hardware peripherals.
development host The user's development computer along with its operating system (Windows, Mac OS, Linux), software for the host OS (e.g. alwaysAI CLI, docker, Node.js), and connected hardware peripherals.
edgeIQ The Python SDK library upon which developers build their computer-vision applications
host machine See "development host"
target See "deployment host"


Term Definition
configuration file A file "" that lives at the root of an alwaysAI application on the filesystem. The presence of this file is the defining feature of an application.
models The models required for the execution of an alwaysAI application. Specified as the "models" property of the application configuration file in the form { "alwaysai/squeeze-net": "1.2.3" }
target A filesystem location where an application is installed and run. The specification of a target may include connection information such as a username for logging in via ssh.


Acronym Phrase
API application programming interface
CLI command-line interface
COCO common object in context
ML machine learning
NCS1 Intel Movidius Neural Compute Stick v1
ONNX Open Neural Network Exchange
SDK software development kit
SOC system on chip
VOC visual object classes