edgeIQ Runtime Environment Base Images

The edgeIQ Runtime Environment is available as Docker images from alwaysAI Docker Hub. The format of the images is as follows:


The image is built based on Debian Buster for the following architectures:

  • armv7hf

  • aarch64

  • amd64

Additionally, an image is built for NVIDIA Jetson devices with the prefix “jetson”.

The latest release will be tagged with “latest” as the version. However, it is recommended to use a specific version tag and upgrade when new versions come out, since the API’s are constantly being updated and improved. Using the “latest” tag may lead to surprises when a new version is pulled down unexpectedly.

Selecting the Architecture or Device

The alwaysAI CLI takes advantage of Docker build arguments to automatically pick the right architecture or device. This is done by setting an argument before the FROM line of the Dockerfile which the CLI can overwrite:

FROM alwaysai/edgeiq:${ALWAYSAI_HW}-0.15.0

If you’d like to build the Dockerfile without using the CLI, just change ALWAYSAI_HW to match the architecture or name of your target device.