DTiQ™ Selects alwaysAI® to Power Next-Generation Computer Vision Apps

By Liz Oz • Mar 22, 2022

DTIQ selects alwaysAI as Computer Vision partner

alwaysAI® Announces Strategic Partnership with DTiQ™

DTiQ™, the world's leading provider of next-generation video intelligence, analytics, and managed video services for restaurants, convenience stores, and specialty retailers, has chosen computer vision platform leader, alwaysAI®, to help power their video analytics AI. With alwaysAI®, DTiQ's video analytics are able to provide customers with even greater results, creating tremendous ROI for DTiQ's customers and revolutionizing how restaurant and retail locations can be managed.

"We've long since believed that existing video can do so much more to help run a better business, and our customers are seeking just that – accurate and reliable real-time data of their operations and processes.  This partnership helps DTiQ fast-track the next generation of our computer vision AI, analytics, IoT, and machine learning solutions to increase value for our 45,000+ customers,"

Mike Coffey, CEO of DTiQ™

Intelligent Video Analytics

alwaysAI® will initially work with DTiQ™ to offer their customers intelligent video solutions to detect and track individual customers, with enhanced privacy masking for GDPR compliance, and give operators the ability to optimize for each customer, including speed-of-service, and end-to-end operational efficiency.

"The powerful combination of computer vision AI and video analytics is transforming retail environments by providing actionable insights into their operations. We are excited to work with DTiQ to deliver increased ROI for all of their customers worldwide."

Marty Beard, Co-founder & CEO of alwaysAI


"Computer vision applications, particularly with the alwaysAI® platform, provide the powerful solutions to deliver cutting-edge video analytics, together with DTiQ industry solutions and expertise, it creates completely new value on the market."

Krzysztof Osiński, SVP of R&D at DTiQ™

About DTiQ™

DTiQ™ improves how restaurants, convenience stores, and retail locations are managed.  It is the world's leading provider of intelligent video-based surveillance and loss prevention services, combining state-of-the-art surveillance equipment with advanced, cloud-based analytics and managed services.  DTiQ™ has been in business for over 20 years, enhancing over 8 million consumer experiences daily, while protecting trillions of dollars of assets. DTiQ™ has over 45,000 customers including corporations and/or franchisees such as Adidas, Burger King, Dairy Queen, Golf Town, Dunkin, McDonald's, Subway, Swarovski, Taco Bell, Vineyard Vines, and Yankee Candle.

Learn more about alwaysAI®'s partnership with DTiQ™in this press release.

About alwaysAI®

alwaysAI® provides developers and enterprises a comprehensive platform for building, deploying, and managing computer vision applications on IoT devices. We make computer vision come alive on the edge - where work and life happen. The alwaysAI platform offers a catalog of pre-trained models, a low-code model training toolkit, and a powerful set of APIs to help developers at all levels build and customize CV apps. alwaysAI® has an easy deployment process and a state-of-the-art run-time engine to accelerate computer vision apps into production quickly, securely, and affordably.

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By Liz Oz • Mar 22, 2022

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