Hacky Hour 37: Pose Estimation for Real-World Applications Part 2

By Liz Oz • Feb 24, 2022

pose estimation

alwaysAI hosts a regular, hands-on training session for our developer community called Hacky Hour. Hacky Hours are a great way to kick-start your computer vision journey with introductory content, code demos, and engaging exercises. In these sessions, our community can ask us questions about setting up an edge device, building a CV application, or general inquiries related to computer vision and alwaysAI!

This Hacky Hour was part of a two-part series featuring pose estimation, a popular computer vision technique. Pose estimation is a computer vision task that recognizes human activity by assigning key points to specific body parts. Follow along as Matt London, a Machine Learning Engineer at alwaysAI, demonstrates how to incorporate audio notifications into your pose estimation apps. We also discussed popular use cases for this technology, including manufacturing, ergonomics, sports analysis, and dance.

These tools can help you follow along with the demonstration:

Tutorial: https://alwaysai.co/prism/tutorials?tutorial=pose-estimation-real-world-applications 

Watch Part 1 of this demo: https://alwaysai.co/blog/hacky-hour-36

alwaysAI Pose Estimation models: https://console.alwaysai.co/model-catalog?category=PoseEstimation 

Posture Corrector app: https://github.com/alwaysai/posture-corrector 

LiftPose app: https://github.com/alwaysai/LiftPose

Guest Questions

QUESTION: How is inclusion handled for key points?

ANSWER (Lila Mullany): If the camera can't see the key point it will just show that it's missing. Sometimes it can guess based on other positions.

If you haven't already, join us on our Discord channel to follow up on any questions you have about today's Hacky Hour!

See below for the full video of this Hacky Hour, or click the provided link.


Join us for upcoming Hacky Hours! Whether you are new to the community or an experienced user of alwaysAI, you are welcome to join, ask questions, and provide the community with information on what you're working on. 

By Liz Oz • Feb 24, 2022

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