Webinar Highlights - Computer Vision is Changing the World

By Komal Devjani • Dec 05, 2020


Computer Vision Webinar

What is Computer Vision?

Computer vision is a subset of artificial intelligence that enables computers to understand the contents of a digital image or video. A Computer Vision solution’s goal is to understand what is in a video stream, and what action to take when a certain element(s) are identified in the stream. At the core of a computer vision application is a machine learning model that takes video as an input and outputs predictions about what is in the video. Computer Vision is expected to be a $22 billion industry by 2026 with applications in healthcare, security, automotive, robotics, sports, and more.


In this webinar, the CEO of alwaysAI, Marty Beard, discussed the widespread, cross-industry impact of Computer Vision and how it is dramatically improving customer insights and competitive advantage for businesses around the world. Marty also interviewed the Lead Robotics and AI Researcher at Seafloor Systems, Marcos Barrera, and Co-founder & Managing Partner at Editek, Leo Cohen. 

Why you should be using computer vision in your business

With computer vision, businesses now have a technological opportunity to truly revolutionize how they learn about their customers and save costs on their solution. CV empowers businesses to capture unprecedented, real-time customer insights and leapfrog the competitors in their respective industries. Additionally, developing and deploying computer vision applications has become far more cost-effective with software and hardware industry catalysts driving low-cost innovation that offers greater visual data processing and simpler means of deploying CV applications on the edge.

A Cross-Vertical Phenomena

Computer vision has applications across multiple industry vertices including manufacturing, smart cities & homes, retail, education, healthcare, autonomous transportation and more. This makes computer vision a cross-vertical phenomena. alwaysAI has seen projects such as assembly line tracking, and hand detection for the manufacturing industry; customer insights for retail; security applications & pedestrian detection for smart cities; and autonomous drones and delivery bots for autonomous transportation.

Marcos Barrera

Marcos is the lead Robotics and AI Researcher at Seafloor Systems. Seafloor Systems designs and manufactures unmanned surface vessels (USVs) for hydrographic survey applications. Marcos is developing autonomous boats that can dynamically avoid objects, ultimately providing a more seamless survey experience. To build this Seafloor systems is leveraging alwaysAI’s computer vision solution that is edge focused since the marine fleet needs to operate without internet connectivity while surveying.

Leo Cohen

Leonardo Cohen is the founder and Managing Partner of Editek. Editek and Leonardo have worked on projects with big name clients such as the International Olympic Committee. With Editek, Leo took on 4 Olympic Bids (Summer and Winter Games), including the successful Rio 2016 Olympic Bid. Some of their other projects and clients include the Pan American games, the Commonwealth Games, World Rowing, FIFA and Street League Skateboarding. Editek’s computer vision solution involves identifying the occupancy of fans within a stadium. He’s also currently solutioning for social-distancing measures for upcoming games during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Computer Vision is Changing the World

The use cases highlighted by Marcos and Leo during the webinar are just two examples of the ways in which computer vision is revolutionizing the sports and autonomous drones industries. alwaysAI is proud to be a key player in this AI revolution by providing a cost-effective, easy to use, low code computer vision platform, making computer vision accessible to everybody.

See below for the full video of the webinar: 

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By Komal Devjani • Dec 05, 2020

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