Marty Beard Blog Posts

It's Time to Focus on Computer Vision

By Marty Beard • Feb 04, 2020

The future of computer vision is undeniable and brighter than ever. Read to learn why we're excited.

alwaysAI Open to Meet Growing Demand from Computer Vision Developers

By Marty Beard • Feb 12, 2020

alwaysAI, a developer platform that fast-tracks the creation and deployment of computer vision apps on the edge devices.

Transform Your Business With Computer Vision

By Marty Beard • Mar 23, 2020

Technical challenges and skill sets have made computer vision out of reach for the average user...until now. Learn about alwaysAI's 5 step development journey.

A Note From Our Co-Founder & CEO, Marty Beard

By Marty Beard • Jan 15, 2021

alwaysAI has now raised a total of over $9M and expanded our investor base - an ideal amount of capital and support to take the company to the next level.

First alwaysAI Quarterly Update of 2021

By Marty Beard • Feb 11, 2021

In 2021, we raised over $9M in funding and expanded our investor base. In addition, we created new plans for businesses to democratize the use of CV.

The Business of Computer Vision for Customer Analytics

By Marty Beard • Jun 24, 2021

Follow along as alwaysAI CEO, Marty Beard, describes how Computer Vision enables enterprises across all industries to gain real-time customer analytics.

The Business of Computer Vision: CV Drives ROI

By Marty Beard • Jul 07, 2021

Learn how computer vision enables enterprises to achieve higher ROI through lower development costs and higher top-line revenues.

The Business of Computer Vision: Transportation

By Marty Beard • Aug 04, 2021

Follow along as alwaysAI CEO, Marty Beard, discusses how computer vision is driving us towards the future of transportation.

The Business of Computer Vision: Industry 4.0

By Marty Beard • Sep 03, 2021

Follow along as alwaysAI Co-Founder and CEO, Marty Beard, discusses how computer vision is impacting industrial and manufacturing markets.

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