alwaysAI June 2020 Quarterly Report: Exciting Developments

By Stephanie Casola • Jun 15, 2020

alwaysAI’s Co-Founder & CEO, Marty Beard, recently shared in a quarterly report (click here or see video below) key updates around the company’s product, developer, partner and corporate progress - as well as exciting news for the remaining months of 2020.

alwaysAI Product

alwaysAI set out to create a platform for developers to easily and affordably build and deploy computer vision (CV) applications on edge devices. Early this year, alwaysAI came out of beta and officially released a freemium version of its platform to all developers.

In the update, Marty highlights the key areas of Computer Vision that alwaysAI has been able to make widely available to developers:

Then, Marty shared the three core components of the alwaysAI computer platform:

  1. Models & Starter Applications- The platform offers about 60 pre-trained models that are ready for a developer to use with ease. alwaysAI took it a step further by adding about a dozen starter applications. Having the models and starter applications allows developers to go in and begin prototyping immediately.
  2. Set of APIs for developers to build and customize their app. Marty shared how there is a python library of APIs available to developers so they can customize and enrich their apps to meet specific needs. All available through an easy-to-use abstraction layer.
  3. Deployment to edge environments via rich CLI tool. This aspect of the alwaysAI software allows developers to easily launch their computer vision applications live onto a wide variety of ARM-based devices - the most exciting part of the developer journey!

Developer Progress

Marty Beard also highlights the rapidly growing community of 7K+ developers registered to use the alwaysAI platform, collaborating with devs on a wide variety of CV projects and ideas, and providing invaluable input to the product and engineering teams. This makes the platform better and better. He also highlights another way that developers can take advantage of the platform - namely, running inference right on the edge rather than in the cloud, thus improving performance and lowering operational costs by up to 12x over the more expensive cloud options - this is huge savings!


Marty also talks about some of the invaluable work his team has done with many of the major players in the computer vision and AI ecosystem - work to optimize and improve the performance of CV applications, and also highlight some interesting use cases of vision on the edge. These collaborations will continue to help us push forward advancements in CV.

Corporate Highlights

Marty held the best news for last in the quarterly report. Just because alwaysAI has officially released their program from beta doesn’t mean they’ve slowed down. alwaysAI has been moving forward with implementing projects and teams on the platform. This will allow developers to work together in real-time. This also paves the way for projects to be completed with more efficiency and less error.

In Closing

alwaysAI understands that Computer Vision is rapidly growing and that developers can thrive even in jumping in at ground level. There are a lot of perks to adopting CV artificial intelligence in your business. Don’t let the opportunity to increase efficiency and generate higher revenue pass by.

We’re already excited to share our next quarterly report with you. See you then!


By Stephanie Casola • Jun 15, 2020

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